People don't see that your insides are a battlefield....

They can't feel the awful hormonal headaches or horrendous nausea.

They can't experience the feeling of your ovaries being ripped apart.

They can't feel what I can only describe as a knife being stabbed up your vajayjay.

People can't see you clench your legs together subconsciously because it feels like your uterus weighs 50kgs and is trying to escape your body through your hoohaa.

They can't feel the lower back and groin/hip pain. So even though you’re in bed, you can't get comfortable.

People don't feel the biggest pain of it all, the crushing disappointment you feel within yourself for not being able to be a "strong, healthy" women and just push through.

All they can see is that you’re not at work again or your cancelling on a social engagement and there’s bugger all you can do about it.

#Endometriosis #Expression

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